Wills & Power of Attorney

Fees – Wills and Power of Attorney

A Will, Power of Attorney, Representation Agreement and/or Living Will are likely the most important documents that you will ever create!

I try to give an accurate quote before I begin drafting. What may appear simple, however, is not necessarily so. This may result in additional costs being added by me to reflect the complexity of the document. I will discuss this with you in advance so there will be no surprises!

With that in mind, these are my standard costs for the following types of documents:

1 Will: $500.00 including taxes , disbursements and registering the location of the Will with Vital Statistics.

2 Wills:  If these essentially mirror one another, $800.00 also including taxes, disbursements and registering the location of the Wills with Vital Statistics.

1 Power of Attorney: $250.00 including taxes and disbursements.

2 Power of Attorneys: Again, if these essentially mirror one another, total cost is $400.00 including taxes and disbursements.

1 Will and Power of Attorney: If done at the same time, $600.00 all in.

2 Wills and 2 Powers of Attorney:  If done all at same time, $1000.00 all in.

Representation Agreement: $400-500 including taxes and disbursements.

Living Will: $200-$300 including taxes and disbursements.

Other types of documents, such as statutory declarations, depending on the complexity, may add approximately $100.00 to the bill.

I do not charge extra for hospital, home visits or rush appointments — though with the latter I likely will not give a discount!