Fees – Estates

I offer a free 1 hour consult with any potential estate client to discuss his or her role as an Executor or Administrator of an Estate.

If I am retained, I work with the client to determine how much assistance is required from me.  Often that may just mean drafting the documents to apply for Probate or obtaining Letters of Administration and then Probate. In other instances, the Executor/Administrator may require me to work more closely with an accountant, insurance company or other, and assist more directly with the preservation or distribution of the estate.

The cost of my services will be based on my hourly rate is $200.00 an hour plus GST and PST in addition to disbursements. I will always try to give an estimate of the cost of what the client and I have worked out to be my responsibility; however, it can only be an estimate as estates can be far more complex than they originally appear! In my experience a bill for taking an estate to probate averages between $2000 to $4000 including disbursements.